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MiLi Smart Products Steal the Show at Shenzhen Gifts Fair

Who steals the show at Shenzhen Gifts Fair? What is the hot item at the fair?These are the buzz topics every year at the Shenzhen Gifts Fair. This year was no different. But we are proud to say that MiLi’s Smart Products stole the show!

From September 20 to 23, the 23rd China (Shenzhen) International Gifts and Home Product Fair (the Shenzhen Gifts Fair, for short) was held at the Shenzhen Convention & Exhibition Center.   MiLi was once again present at the fair with three new smart products: The MiLi iData, the smart flash drive for iPhone; the MiLi Skinmate, the smart UV detector; and, the MiLi Pure the smart skin moisture detector.

These 3 smart items are small to carry and fit easily into a wallet.  They are closely related to the user’s daily life and so user-friendly that even a techno-dummy can handle it easily.  The integration of hardware and software prevents the risk of counterfeiting.

During the four days of the fair, MiLi received many inquiries from buyers about its innovative smart products and the interactive games created a real buzz. Our products and interactive experience were the two highlights of MiLi’s booth this year. 

Highlight 1 : Eye-catching product – MiLi iData the flash drive for iPhone

We introduced the MiLi iData, which expands the storage capacity of iPhone and iPad.  It acts as a lifesaver by providing space when your iPhone or iPad runs out of storage.  Simply plug it into your iPhone and the data will transfer from the iDevice to MiLi iData within a few seconds, freeing up the internal storage of your phone.

Highlight 2 : Powerful marketing – Interactive “Shake It” lucky draw

Smart technologies and smart devices are gradually integrated into our everyday lives. At MiLi, we deliver high technology products that meet user demand to make smart technology accessible to everyone.
MiLi puts a high value on interactions with consumers and their experience and feedback.  12 draws were carried out each day at short intervals, with the showcased smart product as the first prize.  A total of 2626 participants took part in the draw.

"While I was waiting for the draw to start, the host said the first prize, the skin detector, is being showcased at the booth,so I went in to try it out.  so I went in for a try.  It was quite innovative and I thought If only I could win the first prize. So when my name was called, it was a dream come true,” said the excited winning lady.  “I must show it off and recommend it to my friends in my circle!”

A team of international media delegates also visited MiLi’s booth and asked: Why does MiLi develop smart products? 

At MiLi, we believe that our brand is currently at a historical turning point.  In line with the rapid development of the smart industry , we have set a new path of development for the company reinforcing our belief that “smart tech changes life”. With the increased popularity and application of high-end smart technologies, smart devices are gradually integrated into our everyday lives. Our goal is to create high performing technology products that fully meet user demand to make smart technology accessible to everyone.

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