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Hali-Power Industrial Co., Ltd. Featured in Carguide, The Standard and INterAksyon

On September 11, a group of 10 Filippino media including Carguide, The Standard, InteAksyon interviewed Hali-Power Industrial Co., Ltd. 

As many industry reports indicate, the rapid development of the electronics industry combined with decreasing costs, more and more competitors are rushing into digital accessories production and sales. So we know, we must remain ahead of the curve and continue to develop or enlarge business scale. R&D and innovation are very important. 

 “We are at a historic point in the company’s history,” Harry Zhu, the founder of Hali-Power said. “We see a new direction for the company because of the prevalence of more and more sensors that make smart technology possible. And by tying this to Apps, users have an experience in technology that makes it relevant for them.” (Quoted from Carguide‘ Smart Tech Changes Life’). Harry’s vision is truly leading the new direction of our company.


2014-2015   Hali-Power launches 3 smart products under the MiLi brand

After the successful launch of the Smart Flash Drive for iDevice—MiLi iData earlier this year, Hali-Power has followed up with 2 lifestyle smart products—the MiLi Pure, a smart skin moisture detector, and the MiLi Skinmate, a smart UV detector. 
These new devices have everyday application for users, so you don’t have to be a techie to use them.


In regard to  the MiLi iData, he stated, “We developed the iData to improve and expand the data storage of Apple iPhones. It can be a lifesaver for everyone as it provides users with an instant increase in storage capability when one needs it. Just plug the iData into your iPhone or Android phone, and you can instantly free up space by transferring data in a matter of seconds. It makes our digital lifestyle more convenient. (Quoted from The Standard and InteAksyon)

Harry also sees their future in HomeKit, Apple’s framework for communicating with and controlling accessories such as light and security and a user’s home. HomeKit allows users to configure these accessories to create actions and controls devices. They can even group actions together and trigger them using the Siri voice assistant. (Quoted from Carguide). This is also driving our new inspiration for future products.

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