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MiLi Showcases Latest Products at the Smart Product Show at Shenzhen Airport

MiLi presented three innovative smart products, the MiLi iData Smart Flash Drive, the MiLi Skinmate UV Detector, and the MiLi Pure Smart Skin Moisture Detector to excited travelers at the smart product exhibition located at the Shenzhen Airport  (4/F, T3) from September 9-15, 2015.

In the 13th Five-Year Plan, Shenzhen Airport is  “building up the most experiential airport” as a part of its sub-strategies. It is the first time that a domestic airport has put “experience” into the core strategic considerations, which is a new customer-oriented milestone in the airport industry in China.  As part of this mandate,Shenzhen Airport has long been exploring different sectors like “smart technology and innovative design”, which is in line with MiLi’s direction of exploration.

During the exhibition, MiLi iData, which can fundamentally solve iPhone’s insufficient internal storage problem,was most welcomed by the visitors among the three smart products. With one tap, the pictures on an iPhone are uploaded instantly into MiLi iData, freeing up storage space on the phone; its user-friendly app design conforms to users’ operation habits adding convenience in terms of both work and leisure.

"I’m using a 16G iPhone 5S.  I didn’t want to spend an extra 600 yuan for a 32G, but I later found that 16G doesn’t go far at all!  On this business trip to Shenzhen, I came across MiLi iData and it’s surprising!” said Miss Wu, who was on a business trip in Shenzhen, with a smile on her face.
MiLi iData, MiLi Skinmate and MiLi Pure all embody MiLi’s product philosophy – “Small is beautiful”. Each MiLi gadget is designed to meet the needs of users, so once your try them it’s hard to live without them.


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