After-sale Service

Dear MiLi Customer:

Thank you for choosing MiLi’s products! Your business is appreciated and therefor we are dedicated to providing you superior after-sale customer service. If you have any questions regarding the use of any of our products or after-sale issues, please feel free to contact our customer service at We will do our very best to assist you.


If your product requires repair or in-house service and is still valid under our one-year warranty, we will gladly cover all shipping and handling costs free of charge.



We are committed to providing you the best possible customer service even after a purchase has been made. However, there are certain limitations based upon our warranty policy. These limitations read as follows:


1. The MiLi product that you’ve purchased is still within the warranty period. (This warranty period ends one year after the date of purchase. You must provide a valid sales receipt or an online order record as evidence of sale).

2. Damages as a result of quality-related factors, but not due to user abuse.

3. Damages as a result of uncontrollable factors (ex. natural disasters).


*Note Damages caused by improper customer use or a lack of correspondence with the MiLi product manual are not covered by the one-year warranty policy.

All products come with our one-year warranty policy beginning from the date of purchase.


Product Shipping Information: After contacting our after-sales, please ship your product to our After-Sales Service Center in Shenzhen for inspection and repair.


Our shipping address is: 1/F, Block C, Dakan Science & Technology Park, 2nd Ind Road, XiLi, Nanshan district, Shenzhen.


Shipping and Handling Costs:


Provided your MiLi product falls under the scope of our company warranty policy, the shipping cost to and from MiLi will be covered entirely by us.

If the product fails to fall under the scope of the company warrant policy, the shipping cost will be solely covered by the customer.


After the MiLi product in need of repair has been received, our staff will provide a product evaluation to the customer within 3 working days. This evaluation will confirm if there are any charges that need to be covered by the customer after repair.


Additional Information:


1. Please to not send MiLi product parts or accessories if they are not defective.

2. Before sending any product to us, please make note of the supposed problem to be sent to our after-sales department. This will allow us to make the necessary repairs within one week

relative to the products condition.


Please note:


It is imperative to contact our customer service team prior to shipping any MiLi products. We value your business and seek to establish contact with you within 5 to 7 working days.


Thank you for choosing MiLi.

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