Brand Story

The MiLi Brand

Small is beautiful. Small is powerful. In fact, a small few can change the world. It is these words that drive the MiLi brand and corporate culture.

To many, a grain of rice may be considered insignificant. However, when you add each grain together they become something stronger. Each unique piece of rice, when combined, feed and provide energy to help people grow.

At MiLi, we value individuals and embrace our teams. Together, we are stronger. Together, we are the MiLi family. Together, we are passionate and dedicated to driving innovation by creating products that elevate one’s life. That is our promise to you.

MiLi Brand Identity

In 1973, when the first energy crisis hit the western countries, E.F. Schumacher, the famous economist, published a book called Small is Beautiful. The book proposed a new perspective on the development of mankind and delivered economically subversive critiques. Schumacher argues that the pursuit of “bigness” is at the expense of tremendous waste of resources and environmental damage, making the environment the weakest part in the ecological chain in modern civilization.

As such, Hali-Power’s MiLi brand is focused on core values.

Honesty and Trust

Hard Work and Passion

Integrity and Respect

Ingenuity and Innovation

First and foremost, our products are small and compact with strong design—a perfect embodiment of “Small is Beautiful”. Next, the development of our pioneering technology always takes our environment into consideration. We develop products that help future generations by reducing the need for materials today. We value the senses. We redefine products through ingenuity and believer each is like a work of art so that we may provide our users with products that enhance daily life.

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