Pure 3 Steps to Detect the Skin Moisture in 5 Seconds
Your Smart Skin Mositure Detector

MiLi Pure

Your Smart skin Moisture Detector

3 Steps,5 Seconds Detect Your Skin Moisture in 4 Areas

Displays Instant and precise skin moisture detection helps you find out the moisture condition of your face,eyes,neck and hands.

Personalized Skin Hydration Tips

provide specific tips on skin hydration according to you gender, age, skin type, moisture content and other information.

Keep Track of your Skin Moisture Content

Tracks and records each test data and automatically generates a chartof your skin moisture over time. Now, you can easily reference how yourskin moisture has changed over time.

Help You Choose the Right Skincare Products

The data obtained before and after lotion/cream application is compared directly on screen, so you can tell whether a product works for you or not.

Crystals from Swarovski®

The embedded crystals from Swarovski®

provides an elegant look to the MiLi Pure.

Hygienic and Skin-friendly Probe Design

The MiLi Pure comes with a protective cap for guaranteed hygiene protection.

Bluetooth 4.0 Transmisson

Compatible with iOS7 or above

Android 4.3 or above and any

other Bluetooth 4.0 device.

Model: HD-E26

Size: 68x27.5x19mm

System: iOS9+, Android 4.3+

Battery Life: 2 years

Model: HD-E20

Size: 67x29x20mm

System: iOS9+, Android 4.3+

Battery Life: 2 years

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