Carmate lV
Carmate lV
Carmate lV
MiLi Carmate lV 15W Qi Fast Charging, Auto-Clamping, 360° rotation, Easy to install, Wireless Charging
  • Carmate IV + 24W PD Car Charger
  • Carmate IV

Auto-Sensor & Auto Clamping

Once plugged in, the clamp will automatically open. Simply place your phone insde and the clamps with firmly keep your phone in place. Gently touch the back of the sensing area and the arms will reopen.

Universally compatible, includes MiLi Carmate IV locks and release system.

24W PD Car Charger (Optional)
In order to ensure charging quality, it is also equipped with 24W PD Car Charger, providing a safe, high-power charging solution for all devices.

Achieve Real Quick Charge up to 15W
Use our 24W PD charger(Optional) to enjoy super fast charging while driving

360° Free Rotation
The 360 degree ball joint design allows for optimum viewing and easier usage.

Suit For Most Vents

The phone mount charger is applicable with most air vents, able to be used in almost any vehicle.

Case Friendly
Able to charge your phone with any protective case less than 6mm thick. Remember to remove any metal or magentic materials before playing your phone into the charging cradle. 


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Carmate lV