UV Live
Easy to Read UV Strength on Display
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Easy to Read UV Strength on Display

An attractive, digital display becomes the focal point
of the club house where golfers going out on the
green can read course-specific UV exposure levels
and the how dangerous it will be for their skin.

Accurate UV Detection, Always

The UV Reader is installed above the club house
to transfer real-time UV index scores to golf
members and guests entering or exiting the clubhouse.


UV Sensor

  • Waterproof
  • System Requirements: iOS7+, Android 4.3+

Premium Coverage On and Off
the Course

The MiLi UV Live display wirelessly connects to
a hyper sensitive UV Reader designed with NASA
inspired heat-sensor technology.

Build Community, Promote a
Healthy Lifestyle

People are using technology daily to monitor and
manage their personal health. The MiLi UVlive is
a device that connects your golfing community
by improving their skin’s relationship with the sun.
Connected to a smart mobile app, golfers can compare
weather information at different periods throughout
that day and get weekly skincare tips from skin care
experts and health and wellness influencers.

Extra Value Add

Using leading geo-location tools, the MiLi UVlive is able
to detect UV levels that are specific to your neighbourhood
and your golf course, so your members receive exact
information on their level of exposure to the sun,
365 days a year.

Reduce The Risk of Skin Cancer

Golfers are considered 20% more likely to contract skin
cancer in their lifetime. 1 in every 5 Americans currently
suffer from cancer of the skin. The leading case of
Melanoma is over UV exposure. Golfer’s spend an average
of 4 to 6 hours in the sun per golf game, making club
members vulnerable if proactive sun protection is not
enacted at golf institutions worldwide.

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