Pure Bottle
Pure Bottle
Smart Refill Bottle for Skincare Lotion

Pure Bottle

Smart Refill Bottle for Skincare Lotion

Three-layer Design

Smart measurement plus science-based skin care

Smart Bottle Cap

Built-in skin moisture detector Bluetooth connection to your phone Measure skin moisture in only 5 seconds

Performs with a Dedicated App

Accurately Measures Skin Moisture in Four Main Body Areas

Smart Tracking of
Periodic Statistics

Knowing Your Skin Condition
at a Glance

Skincare and Beauty
Updates in Your Hand

Small and Easy to Carry, Making Skincare Easy

Most Attentive Skincare Companion for Your Trips

Meet the Smart Refill
Bottle for both Inner
and Outer Beauty

Available in Various Combinations
for Your Individual Needs
Create Your Own Skincare Package

Model: HD-E22
Colour: White
Bottle size: 20ml, 30ml
Connection: Bluetooth 4.0
Support system: iOS7.0+ Android4.3+
Pump type: Lotion, spray
Note: No charging needed for the smart bottle cap

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Pure Bottle