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Travel to the Future | Explore the Biggest Smart Product Showroom in Japan

Tokyo, Japan, a city full of imagination and technologic vibe, is where Softbank was founded.

What?  Haven’t heard of Softbank?  Well, you must have heard of Alibaba, Yahoo!, ARM and Sprint.  They are all tech giants that are leading the world’s technical development, and Softbank is one of their biggest shareholders.

What kind of high-tech company is Softbank?

Softbank, founded in 1981, is a comprehensive venture capital investment company dedicated to research and innovation in the fields of mobile, internet, energy, IoT and AI.

Softbank has nearly 4000 stores in Japan showcasing the most innovative and revolutionary smart products and leading consumers to experience the future tech world.


Softbank’s high-tech showroom
Explore the technologic lifestyle in the future

Here you can experience all kinds of hi-tech smart products as thoroughly as you like.

Here you can let your imagination and creativity run wild.


MiLi Pure Spray
Recommended by Japan’s biggest innovation showroom

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Travel to the future tech world together

Just watching a video is not enough?  Why is MiLi Pure Spray getting so many good reviews in Japan?

Let’s explore its glamour!


One smart hydrogen water spray with multiple uses
Established knowledge overturned

Certified by professional authority, the spray can generate hydrogen water concentration up to medical grade

MiLi Pure Spray features an efficient hydrogen-generating technology that can rapidly produce high-concentration hydrogen water in 2 seconds.  The H2 concentration standard for effective hydrogen water: above 500ppb.

*FDA stands for the U.S. Food and Drug Administration, an international authority responsible for approving medical products.  FDA-approved food, drugs, cosmetics and medical devices are guaranteed safe and effective for human body.

1. Revive the basal skin layer by deep hydration

High-concentration hydrogen water mist is fully absorbed into the basal layer of the skin and exerts a soothing and calming action; relieving the innermost damaged skin and restoring the skin resilience and fineness.

2. Natural antioxidant against free radicals

High-concentration hydrogen water mist is ultra-fine and even with strong anti-oxidant effect against free radical attacks.


3. Soothing and calming for acne-prone skin

High-concentration hydrogen water mist is ultra-fine and even with strong anti-inflammatory effect, which can improve acne-prone skin in a significant way.

4. Spray before makeup for a smooth, natural makeup

A light spray before makeup can provide deep moisture and plump skin for easier application.

5. Spray before makeup for a long-lasting, dewy makeup look

A boost of moisture after makeup helps makeup wear longer and better without fading or smudging, and also keeps the skin moisturized and fresh after putting on makeup all day long.


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MiLi Pure Spray has its exclusive section at the Softbank store and it has already received loads of likes!  If you also think “this product is good~”, please press the “Good!” button in front of the product.

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