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2018 Spring Exhibitions | MiLi Presents a Series of New Products that Explore Perfection and Innovation

a2018 is another brilliant year.  In keeping with the brand’s innovative spirit, MiLi brings a series of new products to Hong Kong Electronics Fair (Spring Edition), Shenzhen Gifts & Home Show and Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair to deliver an unprecedented high-tech intelligent experience to consumers.  Here are MiLi’s great moments at the exhibitions – don’t miss out!


Explore Limitless Possibilities
MiLi Creates New Life with Innovative Technology

On 13-16th April, MiLi released their new series of products at Hong Kong Electronics Fair at the HKCEC.  These new products, led by MiLi Carmate and MiLi Charger Station III, encompass both innovation and practicality and come with competitive prices and advantages, which attracted distributors all over the world to hover around the MiLi booth.


Dare to Stand Out
MiLi’s Stylish Phone Accessories Reflect Individual Lifestyles

In this beauty-is-justice era, MiLi’s self-developed, designed and manufactured smart devices display an extra degree of confidence and power.  On 25-28th April, MiLi’s beautiful new series made a huge splash at Shenzhen Gifts & Home Show.  MiLi’s wireless charging series such as MiLi Power Notebook II and MiLi Magic Plus II has received unanimous compliments in terms of craftsmanship and exterior design from professional gift buyers at the fair.


Great Media Reviews
MiLi Pure Spray is Highly Sought After

Hong Kong Gifts & Premium Fair took place on 27-30th April as scheduled.  MiLi has been devoted to delivering a different high-quality user experience through the combination of stylish design philosophy and advanced technologies.  MiLi Pure Spray, which represents the cutting-edge skincare technology of MiLi, has made a big splash at the gifts fair and attracted sensational attention from foreign media!  The compact and portable MiLi Pure Spray can be naturally integrated into daily life.  Everyday use of this high-concentration hydrogen water spray will restore your healthy dewy skin effortlessly.

In the future, MiLi will stay abreast of industry trends and development and continue to explore and innovate so that consumers around the world can enjoy the fun that technology brings.

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