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OMGosh! MiLi Makes the Cut with Worlds Largest Beauty Mag Allure

Beauty truth: Dry skin is the worst. What can make the flaky, red, glow-sapping problem even worse, is that it’s not always easy to tell what’s causing it. Is the fix as simple as reaching for your moisturizer, or do you have a deeper dehydration issue? This new tech-enabled tool can help you figure it out.

“Skin dryness and dehydration are often used interchangeably. They can coexist but mean two different things,” Sejal Shah, M.D. board-certified dermatologist in New York City tellsAllure. “Dry skin typically refers to a lack of oil or lipids, whereas dehydrated skin is due to lack of water.” In other words, if you haven’t been getting your eight glasses of water a day, your skin might be chronically suffering. In addition to dehydration in your bod, skin dehydration can be caused by environmental issues like harsh skincare products, too much sun, dry climates or even a hot shower, says Shah.

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