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CES 2017 is Coming! Let’s explore the Trade Show with MiLi!
CES gets underway on 5 January 2017 in Las Vegas! As the world’s most well-known trade show of technology innovation, CES is the leading indicator of the global consumer electronics industry and attracts intensive attention of tech lovers all over the globe every year.

What surprises will CES bring us this year?

1.Global tech giants showcase the latest tech trends

The exhibiting companies from all around the world present their very latest tech products across the areas like mobile phones, television, gaming, entertainment, home automation and AI. The fruitful tech show is truly a feast for the eyes.



Keyword: Immersive telepresence

More and more VR technologies are being extensively used in games, films and television so that consumers can have a more realistic video and audio experience and more natural interaction. This is one of the greatest milestones in consumer technology history. The entire industry is all eyes on the VR technology.


Macro technology

Keyword: Mobile technology shapes the future

We are now in the mobile era, when changes in mobile technology are closely linked to our lives. Qualcomm’s 5G technology and their new Snapdragon processors shape the next-generation mobile experiences. A whole new wave of mobile technologies is going to re-define the infinite possibilities across all industries.


2.CES is no longer a single-player game for overseas tech giants
Local companies in China are starting to lead global tech trends

In recent years, China is getting a stronger voice at international consumer electronics trade shows. Technological innovation of local companies is now on the rise.


Huawei is now promoting global 5G and has achieved outstanding research results; DJI even takes the lead in the global commercial UAV market; Lenovo’sbusiness laptops– Thinkpad series and YOGA series – are in the limelight; TCL has unveiled its new generation of TVs that represents the highest standard of picture quality in the world, and launched the new keyboard-equipped Blackberry Mercury after acquiring the license to Blackberry; ASUS has released their epoch-making smartphone, ZenFone AR, which is the world’s first smartphone that supports Google TangoARandDaydreamVR.


3.MiLi’s smart portable products
Creating the cool concept: Live smart, healthy and easy


MiLi’s smart portable storage devices

MiLi, as the pioneer of smart products, is dedicated to developing and manufacturing smart devices. This year, MiLi’s brand new smart products come under the spotlight once again!

In this smart mobile era, data storage and safety are getting increasing attention. 95.9% of mobile phone users have encountered mobile data security issues, according to an authoritative report. Privacy leakage and data loss influence our study, work and daily lives, so the industry will pay more attention to data security and storage in the future.

In recent years, MiLi has been developing safe, practical and portable solutions for smart storage and MiLi’s smart storage products are well-received by global consumers.

MiLi is continuously expanding its lineup of smart storage products, which provide consumers with a wide variety of storage solutions. The portable, user-friendly smart storage products have got global tech lovers to stop by and make inquiries.

With the rapid 5G development, wireless technologies will be used in various scenarios. In response to this trend, MiLi has been at the forefront of the wireless revolution and dedicated to creating a wireless, convenient mobile lifestyle.


MiLi’s smart portable healthcare products

Changes in healthcare environment and consumers’ growing health awareness lead to the emergence of more and more personal health management solutions. MiLi’s practical and portable smart healthcare products are well-loved by consumers who are pursuing a high quality of life.

MiLi’s smart healthcare products respond to the health needs of modern society, promoting a future lifestyle of “Smart + Health” and giving a new definition to modern outdoor gear. Smart tech makes outdoor life even healthier!

MiLi Pure :

MiLi Skinmate :

At the four-day CES event, an impressive line-up of high-tech gadgets are on display and global tech leaderstry their best toshow off their latest tech products! Smart living is getting more fun in 2017!

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