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MiLi Pure Featured on HK’s Top 10 Best-Selling Magazine e-zone

Recently, Hong Kong’s top ten best-selling magazine e-zone has had an interview with MiLi and gives a description of MiLi’s new smart product in 2015,MiLi Pure the smart skin moisture detector.

e-zone is a PC  and digital gadget magazine with its launch issue published on 30 June 1998 and bundled with Hong Kong Economic Times.  As indicated in the prospectus of Hong Kong Economic Times, e-zone ranks no. 1 in gross commercial advertising revenue among all PC and digital magazines in Hong Kong according to Nielson Media Research’s AdEx report and ranks top 10 among Hong Kong magazines in terms of circulation. e-zone has received Caring Company Award from The Hong Kong Council of Social Service for 5 consecutive years in recognition of its continued contribution to the society.

The smart skin moisture detector MiLi Pure can rapidly measure the moisture content in the skin in 5 seconds.  It can measure four body areas including the hand, face, eye and neck, so you will get a comprehensive view of the real condition of your skin.  It comes with a dedicated app that records the result data after each test and provides detailed skin analysis and skincare tips.  The data obtained before and after lotion application can be seen at a glance.  The accurate monitoring of your skin can help you choose the right products and take better care of your skin.  The embedded Swarovski crystal makes it look even more classy!

It is also mentioned in the magazine article that MiLi Pure is now available for sale on Dragonair flights.  Thanks to e-zone for the recognition of MiLi!

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